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Aug 22, 2013 - Ash Lawn Highland - The Former Home of America’s Fifth President

There has been much ado about other Founding Fathers of the United States but often times, the low laying James Monroe is overlooked and under promoted. Having held office from 1817 to 1825, President James Monroe was born in Westmoreland County in Virginia and lived till 1831. Despite coming from the planter class, the fought hard and fast for the freedom that we enjoyed today during the American Revolutionary War and was injured during the Battle of Trenton. James Monroe was one of the Presidents who was dead set against ratification because he contested that it gave too much power to the central government and promoted Jeffersonians quite often. President Monroe was also a huge supporter of freeing and liberating African Americans from slavery and discrimination. The Monroe Doctrine which serves as a landmark doctrine for the country, continues to play a significant role in the freedom that Americans enjoy today. Considering the contributions that Monroe have given to the country, before his death on America’s Independence day in 1831, he was not doing financially well before his death.

Knowing his background will give charter bus rental CT visitors the chance to enjoy and establish a connection with the beauty of Ash Lawn-Highland, the former home of the fifth President and his wife which they lived in from 1793 to 1826 and despite the name change from Highland to Ash-Lawn, both names continues to be in use. Thanks to the kindness of philanthropists Jay Winston Johns and his family, the Ash-Lawn Highland opened to public in 1931, nearly hundred years after his death.

Currently, the Ash-Lawn Highlands is run by the College of William and Mary which the Johns had kindly transferred ownership to whereby the college agreed to run and manage this historically significant site on his behalf.

The tour is informative although the young ones might not appreciate the beauty and the beliefs that this man stood for. But for the rest of us, it is enlightening and inspiring to see through the eyes of the man who shared visions and closeness with Jefferson. The college that runs this historical site and manage events, training, educational and hands-on workshops and tours.

Back when Monroe was still living in this building, he called it his place of comfort and hospitality. He would often invite and bring his friends and family over for meetings, nice little meetings, and offered public figures and the usual friends a comfortable place to mingle around in.

The building has undergone some smooth transition and changes over the years and makes for a very enlightening charter bus rental VA visit.