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Busch Gardens Theme Park is the kind of place you come to enjoy and learn about the environment on a bus charter trip and get to ride thrilling rides at the same time

Busch Gardens (Williamsburg VA) - A Theme Park That Cares

Jan 16, 2014

While at the core of the theme park are the rides, amazing park venue, attractions and year-long events, Busch Gardens is more than a theme park for kids. At the back of its mission is conserving and caring for wildlife and their natural habitat. For more than 40 years, it has continually carried forth and protected its image and conservation efforts. The park actively contributes towards more than 100 environment-related worldwide organizations, namely The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, and World Wildlife Fund.

So, let’s get started with what you can expect from this bus charter VA attraction and the rides.

What are the rides at Busch Gardens?

1. One of the most incredible rides available at Busch is called Alpengeist, also known as the Ghost of the Alps. It remains to be one of the country’s tallest, fastest and most insane coaster and is much looked forward to by our Virginia bus charter visitors. There is the sense of urgency because you do not see what awaits you...much like the Ghost of the Alps. The ride takes visitors up to nearly 200 feet up in the air and then hurtled through 6 amazingly thrilling inversions at the speed of 67 miles per hour. It will prove to be a ride you will remember for a long time to come.

2. The Apollo Chariot have been named as one of the world’s top 10 coasters made of steel. It starts off at a blinding speed and then smoothly brings riders and visitors down for a smooth landing, ending an amazing experience you will ever have.

3. Griffon, another ride at Busch Gardens is a 205-feet long giant free falling machine. Ride to the top at a 90-degree angle and then free fall your way down to the landing at 75 miles per hour is what the ride is all about.

Is the Williamsburg theme park different from the one in Florida?

Suffice to say, it is a little bit different from the one in Florida but not in a bad way. While there are more rides that are wilder in Florida, the Williamsburg counterpart is slightly tamer and nicer. The focus tends to bend in the direction of wildlife, the garden and their conservation efforts.

An example would be their extensive list of kid-friendly shows and events like:-

  • Der Autobahn Jr.
  • Der Roto Baron
  • Elephant Run
  • Grover's Alpine Express
  • Land of the Dragons
  • Sesame Street Forest of Fun

Is there anything for environmentalists if they are not interested in the rides?

Busch Gardens makes an extensive effort to bring you events all year round and some of these includes events like:-

  • Clydesdales and Collies Up-Close Tour
  • Family Fun Tour
  • Landscape Life Tour
  • Elite VIP Tour
  • Verbolten Insider Tour

Purchasing their admission tickets off their websites, especially if you are coming in as a group, will save you quite a bit of money, considering the fact that the admission tickets aren’t cheap.

For those who are organizing group events and in need of Virginia bus charter packages, please do give us a call for a quick quote. We are sure our Virginia bus charter customer service agents will be able to easily tie you up with the right package for your trip.