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Nov 19, 2013 - Discovering Chincoteague Island of Virginia

The name of the island, Chincoteague Island, might be a mouthful but it surely packs a punch as a Virginia charter bus tourist destination. Here, visitors are given the rare chance to catch a glimpse of what life is like for the near three thousand residents of Accomack County Virginia.

Small as the island may be, what is intriguing is the fact that it is surrounded by a bunch of other charming islands which makes it the perfect Virginia charter bus getaway for island-hopping activities. Just think of it as a chance to get away from the humdrum of city life. A chance to learn more from Mother Nature and also a golden opportunity to learn new things at places like Chincoteague National wildlife Refuge. It will be a true eye-opener, we assure you.

Rewind a couple of decades back, Chincoteague wasn’t even known to be a part of American soil. So hidden it was that Virginia charter bus rental visitors who found it enjoyable kept it more as a secret amongst themselves. The fewer people who find out about it, the more they get to enjoy it as a quiet respite. However, with the internet, word is getting around more these days which results in a heightened awareness and knowledge about the precious islands.

The beauty of the place is that it is almost completely devoid anything that reeks commercialism. No fast food, no buildings, no highways, no flashy hotels....just you, nature and the beach.

There are plenty of cottages for rental and you can get it off at amazingly affordable rates but you will need a special pass to get to the beach. That is how they attempt to keep the untainted condition of these gorgeous sandy beaches.

‘Good for the soul,’ is that some of our Virginia charter bus rental visitors and customers who have been there. The island presents itself as a natural and beautiful place for photographers too as the natural landscaping is not shy to give you everything you will need for perfect Kodak moments.

The wonderful thing about places like Chincoteague Island and wildlife reserve is that wildlife animals like ponies, birds, turtles, cranes, ducks, herons and other small animals live amongst us very naturally. We share the habitat with them for a couple of days. If the opportunity presents itself, head over to the newly renovated lighthouse for an amazing view of the ocean.

The island may be small but that is precisely the reason why during our stay, we considered plenty of things and spent much of our time in constant reflection. We came back better people, needless to say.