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Jul 11, 2013 - Fairfax’s Blenheim Estate - Dedication To Civil War of 1812

If there was an easy brick home that contained a lot of of the history of the war in 1812, it'd be the pitched battle estate that was home to at least one of Virginia’s most famous war veteran, Captain Rezin Samuel Willcoxon. Inside the walls lie inscriptions, writings and drawings of what the family went through throughout the war that occurred slightly after 2 years the house was built up. This home represents a lot of of the lives of the people that lived through those turbulent years, except that for Willcoxon family, it had been from the angle of somebody who knew what war did to individuals and how powerful it was that they had to weather things out.

Willcoxon had terribly loud ideals and therefore the the} home also became a strategic encampment refuge for Union troopers. The writings, drawings, sayings, signatures, names and diary of those troopers would be what you're visiting if you make your approach here to the present historically important Virginia charter bus traveler destination. It doesn’t get any more real than this, folks. It is somehow like taking a peek into a diary of a teen or peering into a jail cell of a former inmate. It offers you insight and complete understanding concerning what they went through.

It is, however, a pity that when Willcoxon passed on and also the home was passed on to the opposite members of the family of the Willcoxon family, they created enhancements to the house by covering the ground and walls of the inside of the building with paint and wallpaper, therefore, much of the amount of those ‘diaries’ were left unknown. Thankfully and by luck is that the attic was just about left untouched by the members of the family.

The descendants determined to not remain within the building, therefore, historians and also the authorities determined to try and do their maximum to recover the other writings and sayings on the first and ground floor of the brick home.

To this terribly day, 3610 previous Lee High Way, otherwise referred to as the Blenheim estate of Fairfax Virginia remains on its original place, in its full legitimacy. Fairfax town have bought up the building and it's currently named as a historical web site, utterly dedicated to the reminiscences of those who took part in the war. Even when undergoing major reconstruction at varied stages over the years, the attic remains off limits to VA charter bus rental guests owing to safety considerations. The building is, after all, a awfully old one and there's only so much one is able to do to revive the attic of an old and magnificent building.

There is a yearly war reenactment May could and also the center and novelty shop is open to Virginia charter bus tour guests from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 4pm. A guide may be engaged by calling ahead of time. And meanwhile, please do contact Bus Rental VA for the proper charter bus rental vehicle for your group trip.