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Oct 7, 2013 - USS Wisconsin Aims to Wow

It matters not whether you are a fan of military boy toys, monuments and museums, USS Wisconsin is able to sway you, wow you, amaze you and help you learn more about the history of the country in ways that you never imagined possible. The USS Wisconsin, having already been retired from active duty, is located within the Town Point Park where the Armed Forces Memorial and the Homecoming statue is too. These wonderfully educational tourist attractions are also within walking distance from Hampton Roads Naval Museum and the National Maritime Center and Lone Sailor. It makes sense to make a one-shot visit and make a whole day visit.

The USS Wisconsin was first built as an Iowa-class battleship and remains to be the second of such ship to be named in honor of Wisconsin. However, this jaw-droppingly beautiful warship was built in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and within a couple of years, it was ready for the choppy waters of war and defense. Its official launch date was tagged as December 7, 1943, a memorable date for war veterans and the navy.

The great thing about the tour is that you get to see the ship for yourself in all of its glory and unfortunately visitors are not permitted inside of the vessel. But it was well worth the $15 for a self-guided tour, of course. There are guides and volunteers standing everywhere in the location and if there is something you want to know about the war or the ship, they would be more than happy to answer your questions. The admission price to USS Wisconsin includes admission to Nauticus museum right next door.

The visit will truly give you precious insight into the condition the navy lived in, what they fought for and the sacrifices that they made. It is definitely something that you do not get to see and learn about on an everyday basis. What we can say is that it truly humbles you, lets you see that you have to put everything in perspective before judging and assuming what serving during a war is like. It is sobering too to imagine what they have gone through and how it affected friends and family members who could, often, just sit back, wait and learn how to cope with anxiousness.

Town Point park is known as People’s Park, a peaceful eight acre of peaceful green space....head over when you are done learning about USS Wisconsin. There are various combo packages you can choose from and you really save some entrance money with the combo packages.